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Reuther Farming Project Collection (VFC2021-0003)

The Reuther Farming Project Collection (VFC2021-0003) consists of 18 interviews conducted by Katelyn Reuther between March 22 and December 6, 2020…

Contributors: Reuther, Katelyn (Interviewer)

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Coyote Stories Collection (VFC2022-0001)


Coyote Stories is a citizen science project that aims to gather Vermonter’s accounts of wildlife, while helping high school students develop social…

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Mad River Valley Project Collection (VFC1991-0004)


Background of the Collection In 1990 Jane Beck was approached by the regional environmental group, The Friends of the Mad River, about the possibility…

Contributors: Beck, Jane (Interviewer), Beck, Jane (Photographer), Blair, James P. (Photographer), Grimes, Ev (Producer), Sharrow, Gregory L. (Interviewer), Smith, Miles (Engineer)

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Margaret MacArthur Collection (VFC2003-0007)


The Margaret MacArthur Collection consists of 16 audio field recordings on analog reel-to-reel tape, approximately 20 linear feet of manuscripts, and…

Contributors: MacArthur, Magaret

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Desrosiers/Joyal Family Collection (VFC2011-0009)


The Desrosiers/Joyal Family Collection consists of French and English language songs drawn from two sources: 177 manuscript pages of song lyrics that…

Contributors: Desrosiers, Robert

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Richard Brick/Last Stand Farmer Collection (VFC2010-0008)

Collection DescritpionThe Richard Brick Collection conisists 91 audio recordings created between 1973-1975 in Chelsea, Vermont as a part of the…

Contributors: Brick, Richard

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Steve Green Collection (VFC2011-0010)


Materials donated to the VFC archive by ethnomusicologist and archivist Steve Green.

Currently available materials include:

Vermont Folklife…

Contributors: Green, Steve, Titon, Jeff Todd

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Beaudoin Family Collection (VFC2006-0002)


Materials donated by Carmen Beaudoin Bomardier, Lisa Beaudoin Therrien, Louise Beaudoin Brown, Nina Beaudoin and Sylvia Beaudoin Blaise, the daughters…

Contributors: Beaudoin, Louis, Beaudoin, Wilfred, Lacourse, Eva

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Martha Pellerin Collection of Franco-American Song (VFC1998-0007)


About the Resource

The Martha Pellerin Collection of Franco-American Song is an online database of French and English language songs drawn from two…

Contributors: Pellerin, Martha

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