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Sound Recording Content Interview: Richard asks Kenneth to tell him about his favorite season, Kenneth talks about Spring. 'The world weren't so fast, people didn't have to have everything, and everybody was practically happy. Geared it down to where…

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Sound Recording Content Interview: Kenneth discusses economics, property and taxation. Compares taxation in the 1920s to taxation in the 1970s. Describes what farmers used to do to pay taxes. Kenneth and Richard discuss real estate development in…

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Sound Recording ContentAmbient: creaking door, footsteps. Interview: Property taxes, unused farm land, real estate, summer people, new people, selling land, Vermont politics (Thomas Paul Salmon).

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Sound Recording ContentAmbient : Unloading vegetables (squash). Freezer humming.Interview: Squash. Growing of vegetables--potatoes. Limited harvest of 1917. Economics of potato farming. Price per cord of wood. Social change in Vermont.

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