Charming Beauty Bright (OT2003-3014-001)

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Charming Beauty Bright (OT2003-3014-001)

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First Girl I Courted
Charming Beauty Bride


Song excerpted from audio recording OT2003-3014, part of VFC2003-0007 Margaret MacArthur Collection.


Margaret MacArthur Collection -- VFC2003-0007. Vermont Folklife Center Archive, Vermont Folklife Center, Middlebury, Vermont, United States of America.

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VFC2003-0007 OT2003-3014-001

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Vermont Folklife Center

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Charming Beauty Bright

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Charming Beauty Bright

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["Is that recorded on a gramophone?" "Yes, sort of"]

I left a

[Atwood has difficulty recalling lyrics]
Twas once that I courted a charming lady bright
and one her I fixed my own heart delight
I coutred her for love, her love I did obtain
I scarcely has a reason in love to complain

He father proved cruel, so cruel unto me
He scarcely would allow me to keep her company
He locked her up so tight, he kept her so severe
I scarcely had a chance for meet with my dear

So then I resolved a soldier for to go
To see whether I could forget my love or no
But when I got there the army shone so bright
It caused me to think of my own heart delight

For seven long years I served my king
For seven long years I returned home again
My heart so full of joy

So then I resolved her father's house to go
To see whether my love was yet alive or no
Her father saw me coming, and said to me and cried,
My daugher loves you dearly, but for love she died






Atwood, Fred and MacArthur, Margaret, “Charming Beauty Bright (OT2003-3014-001),” Vermont Folklife Center Digital Collections, accessed September 25, 2023,

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