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Sound Recording Content Interview: Kenneth and Richard discuss real estate and the valuation of property in Vermont. Talks about people purchasing real estate and possessions on credit. Discusses state government and taxation. Discuss taxes and…

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Sound Recording Content Interview: Richard asks Kenneth to tell him about his favorite season, Kenneth talks about Spring. 'The world weren't so fast, people didn't have to have everything, and everybody was practically happy. Geared it down to where…

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Sound Recording Content Amibient (0:00-9:14): Chain saw, tree or branch falling (2:18-2:26). Interview (9:15-24:09): Logging, hurricane of 1938. Economics of logging. Rising costs. Firewood. Maple sugaring and economics of sugaring. Tells story about…

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Sound Recording Content Interview: Kenneth describes haying the the challenges of haying depending on weather. Frustrations of his garden, potatoes in particular. Discusses brush and trees growing in, clearing land. 'They say the bugs and the trees…

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Sound Recording Content Interview: Kenneth discusses livestock and challenges of raisng livestock. Discusses problems with animals after birth, differences between individual animals. Dog attacks on livestock and deer. Gardens. Flowers. Presence of…

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Sound Recording Content Interview: Kenneth discusses cars he's owned, neighbors who trapped a large mud turtle, turtle fishing in Italy, and the South Family and North Family Shaker communtites. His father worked for the the North Family Shakers as…

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Sound Recording ContentInterview: Kenneth discusses cultural change, gasoline and oil prices, cars and electrification. Kenneth expresses that the change he most appreciates is electricity, and tells a story about electrification in the neighborhood.

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Sound Recording ContentInterview: Kenneth discusses farm life, vandalism and the content of his dreams.

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Sound Recording Conten Interview: Helen O'Donnell describes her courtship and marraige to Kenneth. She discusses Kenneth, his habits and their relationship.

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Sound Recording ContentInterview: Discusses pickup trucks, cars, automotive repairs, number of gasoline stations in Chelsea in the past. Taxes. Houses and the condition of houses and barns. Chimney fires. Reusing old bricks to build chimmeys. Family…

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Sound Recording Content Interview: dog attacks on cattle, calf. Rifles and shotguns. Coydogs. Panther, catamount. Fishercats.

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Sound Recording Content Interview: Kenneth discusses using cornmeal to plug holes in a sap tank, and discovering someone used cornmeal to plug a hole in a Model T Ford radiator he used to own. Discusses food traditions. Discusses winter weather,…

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Sound Recording Content Interview: Raising livestock, livestock disease and illness, economics of rasing pigs, livestock processing

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Sound Recording ContentAmbient: Kenneth in barn showing calf. Interview: Sightings of panthers (aka cougar or catamount), lynx, coydogs, weasles, shotguns, deer hunting, posting, weather, Thanksgiving, game consumption--racoon, skunk.

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Sound Recording ContentInterview: Kenneth and Helen discuss cooking, his health, mechanical problems with tractors, automobiles, winter weather, death, Christmas, Vermont ski industry, traverse sleds, skiing, snow plowing. Proverb: 'Green Christmas,…

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Sound Recording ContentInterview: Kenneth discusses maple sugaring, banks, loans, roads, snow plowing.

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