AU2010-3144 -- Wild Track 17

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AU2010-3144 -- Wild Track 17


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Interview: Kenneth dicusses hard times, state jobs and economic problems. Discusses the impact of the Great Depression on his generation. Frugality. Describes how he helped people during the Great Depression and how his farm got the name 'Haven of Rest.' People would come to stay with him and work on the farm. 'We all had the same thing: nothing.' Discusses sugaring, ratios of sap to syrup, better and worse weather for sugaring. 'I've seen sap go from Fancy down to A, and A down to B, and then you'll get a good snowstorm--heavy snowstorm--and you come back to A again. I've seen the color come back. Just a big snowstorm brought the color back.' Discuss grade C syrup and it's use in chewing tobacco and other products. Discusses sap beer (14:42)--'They used to use the last end to make a sap beer. The old fellas that used to sugar always used to make a keg of sap beer at the last end. And they'd use the black stuff, the last end of sugaring. Well if I was going to make sap beer I'd want to make it out of the first, and really have something....Oh boy, it's great stuff if it's made right. Boil 5 barrels of sap down to one, then put your hops and your yeast. And if you--if it ain't quite sweet enough for you, you put in some more syrup or sugar, and then leave it set and then she'll start to work, and that will work out through the bung for about a week. Then bung it right up tight and let it set by a couple of weeks. And a water glass makes you walk on your toes. It's really good stuff.' 'Yup, the old fellows always used to have that barrel of sap beer, you know, from the last end.' 'We never made it--except but one year, my dad made some sap beer. And boy that was sap beer. Tasted just like Moxie. Oh boy, that was a beautiful taste. But you got a waterglass down and pretty soon you knew you had something in there besdies Moxie. Boy that was--kick up an awful fuss.' 'Now I don't imagine there's hardly anybody that makes it now. Probably they don't care anything about it.'


Richard Brick/Last Stand Farmer Collection -- VFC2003-0007. Vermont Folklife Center Archive, Vermont Folklife Center, Middlebury, Vermont, United States of America.



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